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1. List your establishment :You can list your establishment on Nodengo.com for FREE, get noticed and promote your business. More information

2. Enhance your listing:  We offer a multitude of options to enhance your listing on Nodengo.com. More information

3. Claim an existing listing: Listing on Nodengo.com can be added by a local Editor or someone has referred your establishment as worthy of being on Nodengo.com. Claim your listing and thus improve your ranking. More information

4. Get reviewed : Reviewed establishment gain maximum exposure on Nodengo.com, and with our regular and frequent “promotions” you can even get FREE advertising

5. Advertise : We offer truly targeted advertising allowing you to reach potential customers directly when they are seeking information about destination and planning their vacation.

Your business

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We offer several ways to promote your business

1. Stickers: Display a Nodengo.com sticker on your establishment as a reference, better yet once your establishment has been reviewed you automatically receive a “Reviewed” sticker for your establishment.

2. Social media button for your website:  coming soon.

3. Display your reviewed score On Nodengo.com : A reviewed establishment automatically receive a “review score” on Nodengo.com, add it to your website as a reference.


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We offer several options to promote Nodengo.com and thus helps you promote your listing and establishment as well

1. Social Media Nodengo.com is present on all major social network FACEBOOK | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM Join us and participate !

2. Banners and buttons: We also have several Nodengo.com banners and buttons to add to your website or your social platforms, More information