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We offer truly targeted advertising allowing you to reach potential customers directly when they are seeking information about destination and planning their vacation.

Most site rely on automatic advertising and are not specifically targeted for their audience, if you are looking at visiting Patagonia next summer, the ad for a new sewing machine might not be what you are interested at this particular moment. However, if you have an establishment in Budapest, displaying your ad on our Budapest page will certainly increase your exposure to potential clients.

From making it easy for you to target potential customer, to offering very affordable advertising options, helping you target your audience, and keep track of your advertising budget via our online statistics and offering flexible advertising terms, we make it easy for you to get “More bang for your pub”

We offer a multitude of advertising options from City wide advertising to truly targeted advertising on the local page that matches your type of business and this a very competitive prices, we currently have opted for a CPD program which enables you to budget quite accurately what you will spend on advertising,

Maximize your advertising budget. Target a worldwide audience on a local level,our visitors come to us when they are planning their vacation, be part of it, don’t miss the opportunity. Let them know about your business before they reach their destination. Or you could even capture local business.

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Nodengo.com is a startup company and network dedicated to the distribution of local tourist-oriented information and city guide. Time after time we realized that accurate and unbiased local information was somehow missing on the internet.
Long time tourism professional and in the hospitality industry ourselves, we felt it was something that warranted improvement.

Generally – travel and city sites rely either on paid link or on generic customers reviews to propagate their local information, we appreciate the idea, but we do honestly believe that there ought to be a better concept, one that offer information and review about an establishment to customers while allowing this establishment to be professionally and independently represented.

And as professional we are the best qualified to review your establishment, an unpaid, unbiased and unequaled new way to promote your establishment.

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Find out more about what is Nodengo.com and how we have set out to help establishment promote themselves in a new and different way.




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Nodengo.com features local Editors, who are tourism and hospitality professional and can advise potential travelers about their city better than anyone else.

Are you interested in becoming a local Editor ? Why not find out and see if you qualify to join our Local Editor. See if YOUR city is still available.

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